Android Nougat is coming with Improved Data Saving Feature

We all love to save data while we are using limited mobile data on our phone. Most of the mobile browser now supports data saving to save your mobile data and even Android also feature data limit to set a data limit when you use mobile data. That feature is just t5o warn you when you exceed a pre-set data limit.

Android is rolling a new data saving feature with the new Android Nougat 7.0. If you use mobile data then, you know that the cost of mobile data eventually crosses the actual price of our phone. This stats is crazy but true at the same time. Most of the data is consume by some apps that run in the background, and we tend not to give much attention to that problem.


Android is trying to fix this problem with the new data saving feature. According to Android Central, the new feature will limit all the background data when you are on a limited data plan. It will limit data usages at the set limit thus the background apps won’t be able to kill your data plan. But when you are on an unlimited data connection your all apps get full access to the network, and the can do everything they are programmed to do.

This feature is possible due to the ConnectivityManager API in SDK version 24 i.e. Android 7.0. With this API your phone can detect whether you are on a limited data plan or unlimited data plan and can trigger data saving mode on and off.

This feature works on any cellular network in any country and can also work on the prepaid network. You can also whitelist any app to get the full access to the network while the data saving plan is active.

This is a good step towards the future, and we can not wait to see how this new feature works and helps.

Google Launches new Video Calling App Duo

Voice calling is getting old. The new generation wants to see each other while talking. Video calling is the next term of communication, and there is no doubt that we already saw some great video chatting app. Be it Facetime from Apple, Skype from Windows or the messenger from Facebook each of them is popular and knows how to serve the audience. This time, Google is also trying its luck in this industry with its new video chatting app Duo. Google already owns and serving video calling via Hangout, but that is a bit of complication, and Google wants to make everything simpler.

Duo Google's Video calling app

It has all the popular features that others are already offering with some extra features. The most popular feature of this app is its new feature called “Knock Knock.” This feature lets you see the live video from the caller before you answer. This helps you to decide whether to answer and for what they are calling.

You don’t need to create any account here. You just need to have the phone number of the receiver like with the Facetime and Whatsapp. All the calls are encrypted for an extra layer of security and it also automatically changes the video resolution depending on your network strength.

This app was first featured in May in Google I/O event but was not available for users. Yesterday Google announced this via their official blog. Duo is now available for both Android and iOS, and you can download for free from the official app store.