Microsoft Attack Apple’s Claim for iPad Pro being a Computer

Let me take you back to 2013. There was a Soccer match, and I was watching on TV when I saw an ad. That ad was interesting where Microsoft was mocking iPad with their Windows 8 tab. Windows seems to like that concept and now again mocking iPad with their new ad. This time, it is iPad Pro and mocking for Apple’s claim for being a full computer.

Microsoft is mocking iPad by commenting that iPad Pro just got a keyboard and claimed as a full computer. The ad start something like Siri say “I just got a keyboard, I am a computer now like you.” Here Microsoft attacked iPad Pro being low in power and big in the claim. It also points out the lack of USB port, Track Pad, Powerful processor and Full version of Office. This ad is interesting and this time, Microsoft has used Siri and Cortana. The video ends with a message “Surface does more, just like you.Microsoft argues that “just because you call something a computer doesn’t mean it fits the description.” Let see where this rivalry ends.