The New York Times to Shut the NYT Now App

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New York Times is one of the popular media house with millions of reader. It is also one of the very first news publication house. From the newspaper time to the first moving digital era, the media house is able to hold its user base. Now it moved from just paper age to the online based news service. Now the New York Times is letting people catch the news from their website and app as well. You can now see what is happening around the world from their official website and app.

With their website and app user can now view news in an attractive way like videos, pictures, and infographics. Back in April 2014 the NYT first introduced its app called NYT Now which was a subscription based app where the user had to pay $8 per month to catch all the news on their smartphone. Then the New York Times removed the subscription and made it free for everyone to catch all the news at one place for free. The main motto behind the move was to gain more user base, and they succeeded in that. The NYT was able to hit 334, 000 unique visits in may 2015. Things didn’t go well as they were just able to gather 275, 000 visit in last three months.

This might be the reason that the editor is now thinking to merge the New York Times Now app with NYTimes app. As per the report, the app will stop serving news from the September.

In a note, the NYT Now editor Michael Owen and assistant masthead editor Clifford Levy wrote “We are retiring NYT Now because we’ve incorporated so much of it into all of the Times’s digital platforms, in particular, the NYTimes app,” This explains everything.

With this merge, some of the New York Times Now features like the mini crossword, morning, evening and weekend briefings will be merged to the NYTimes app. The NYTimes app is a subscription-based app. All the existing New York Times Now app user now will be shifted to the NYTimes app. All the current users will also get an exclusive discount to join the NYTimes app.

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