Pokemon Go Captures 55 Million Users in One Month: ComScore

If you are not living in the rock age and a frequent Internet surfer, then you may have heard about Pokemon Go. The very first location-based augmented reality game which is now talk of the town. It has been almost 2 months now from the date of its first official launch in the USA. People are going crazy to capture some of their favorite Pokemon. You can see people with smartphone crawling across various park and public places to catch the Pokemon on their phone. This is crazy right, and the crazier thing is its rapid growth.

Pokemon Go

If we believe the report from ComScrore, then there are almost 55 millions of users in the USA who is playing Pokemon on a regular basis. This number is huge that the social giant Snapchat and Pinterest. The thing that to notice that for both Snapchat and Pinterest, it took them years to generate that fan following where as Pokemon Go crossed them in just a month. Another surprising fact is that the Pokemon Go stands at the fourth position when it comes to the user engagement. Pokemon Go is behind the Facebook, Pandora, and YouTube.

This report is surprising. “For as long as ComScore has been measuring digital audiences, there really isn’t even a remotely comparable instance of a website or app capturing such a large audience in such a short period of time,” ComScore’s Adam Lella said in a blog post.

But with the increased incident of accidents and other crimes that is occurring because of Pokemon Go causing some loss for the Pokemon Go team. Some expert says that this growth is going to slower in the coming future if such kind of incidents doesn’t stop.

It will be fun to see how things go.

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